Conscious Travelling

People often ask me, how do you travel so much? how do you get the time to do it? Frankly, I don’t know the answers myself, so I just shrug and smile! I was always a thinker, (a philosopher as I like to call it), but I wanted to stop being a talker about it and start becoming a DOer!

In my humble opinion, I believe travelling allows you to be the free spirit you were born to be. This is why we tend to find freedom from all our worries, problems and anxieties when we are on ‘vacation’ (for most of us anyway). Being able to get out of our comfort zones and start a new adventure, with no idea of how it is actually going to turn out. This is the beauty of life, and after travelling to find myself, I ended up here, realising that this is how I want to spend my life: actually LIVING!

So I made a conscious decision, to really choose my life and to even live in my own town like a traveller, this tends to keep me in a conscious space of ‘travel-like’ freedom . Now I am usually only ever home to see family, attend weddings, and any freelance work that appears in London. I go around the world (for work and pleasure) to free myself from myself.. or rather the ‘myself’ that everyone tells me to be.

The thing is, we all have to free ourselves from ourselves at some point by being able to detach from our ‘ego’ and live consciously, knowing exactly who we are and what our purpose is. Sounds so easy and pretty much ‘goals’ for most people, however I can tell you that this path less travelled, is not so easy to accomplish. The essence is rather in the journey and what we make of it along the way. How strong is our resilience? How much do we truly believe in ourselves. A lot of us can take the first step just for fun but don’t get much further than that. So what is the difference?

The difference is the fire that burns in our souls, the one that gets stronger when we find something truly inspirational or stimulating. This can be something on our Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards, as small as a view out of our bedroom window or as large as the rush that you feel when when you finally get to the top of the mountain looking all the way down.

So why settle for anything less than the things that set our soul on fire? If that for you is creating something, writing something, getting that Bakasana to a T or even just helping people in your local community, then my advice would be to just go for it, with the conscious mindset that it isn’t just for the sake of it or for that instagram post, do it for your journey and self-development!

So start today! Set your soul on fire! Book that flight! Take the trip! Sail the seas! Travel the islands or even just jump out of your bed and go to the park! And if the weather is really that bad, then even more reason to take that weekend camping trip!


Rix Marina

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